Kylie Jenner Bag Inspo!

The youngest Jenner/Kardashian is no stranger to style and fashion and she can always be seen with some amazing arm candy swinging on the crook of her arm!

Of course we don't all have Kylie's bank balance, but we do love a style steal and we think this is the perfect one. Click on this link to check out the ever so stylish Parker Tote Bag.

Finished in a dove grey moc croc and is elegantly structured with clean lines and double carry handles. Inside, you'll find a palatial lined interior, perfect for your daily essentials, be it work or weekend. Grey is such a great all round colour too, it blends with everything especially the deep burgundy, olive green and navy we're seeing coming through this season.

The best thing about the Parker tote bag is the price! At £42.99 it's not going to break the bank, so you can rest assured that you're amazing bag purchase hasn't left you eating beans on toast for the next 6 months! 

Bag Envy x

Kylie Jenner Giving Us Shoe Envy!

She's loved by her fans all over the world for her amazing wardrobe, style and beauty regime, yet the youngest Kardashian has something all women would enviable shoe closet that's giving us down right shoe envy!

At the tender age of just 18 and after moving into her $2.7 million dollar Calabasas mansion, Kylie has a walk in wardrobe shoe collection literally out of this world. 

Most of us dream of having a walk in, let alone one specifically for shoes. Oh and we're not talking high street footwear either here, this lucky gal has designer labels on every shelf, floor to ceiling!

But this got team B.E thinking, how many of you could actually fill this closet with your shoes? We bet, if like us, you've probably got tons of pairs crammed into the wardrobe, or do you store yours neatly in their original boxes? One of our gals even had shoes and boots stored in two bin liners in the loft and forgot about them until 2 years later...

Kylie Jenner Shoes

Bag Envy x

Faux Fur Accents For AW15

Who else loves this time of year? As soon as the leaves start to fall from the trees, we're thinking cosy jumpers, log fires, hot chocolate and snug nights in front of the TV. 

We also love the Autumn Winter fashion and the deep colours that signal a season change, such as khaki, navy blue and deep burgundy.

One fashion accessory we can't live without is some beautiful faux fur. Once again we're adding faux fur pieces into our accessory collection and the colours, styles and quality are amazing. Of course our favourite celebs love the faux fur too and Kim Kardashian can be seen sporting everything faux fur, as it's so easy to wear whether it's day, weekends or occasions!

So at Bag Envy we have everything from capes, to gilets to headbands in loads of colours!

One of our favourite pieces is the Cossack Hat. Easy to wear on those chilly nights at the Bonfire party or Christmas shopping on a Saturday afternoon! Our Cossack hats, along with our other faux fur products, are made from premium high grade faux fur and are fleece back lined for extra warmth and cosiness

Another favourite is the collar! These are amazing for throwing over your favourite leather jacket or jumper through the day, but at night drape a collar over your favourite LBD and add some serious glam to your look! We love the shimmering metallic colour of the Lumi collar, pictured below, but you can bag it in some other amazing colours too such as cobalt blue and deep plum! 

Check out the full collection of faux fur here.

Bag Envy x


Celeb Style Steal - Kylie Jenner

What do you buy an 18 year old that has it all? That's right a Hermes bag and a Ferrari in white!!

Not that we're jealous or anything *ahem* but this young lady is one lucky gal with her totally lavish birthday gifts.

Mum and Momager Kris, gave her youngest child the bag of all bags...the king of all bags, the Birkin! If you're ever lucky enough to own a Birkin, you really have made it in life. With prices ranging from a huge £7000 to a whopping £100k it clearly is a statement of wealth for celebs and the rich and famous. 

Of course the birthday was marked with a fun filled blow out, attended by top name celebs including Gigi Hadid and the rest of the Kardashian clan.

One thing we did spot was Kylie's other choice of arm candy. Shh! we're about to give you a style steal...

Our Melina Beige Saddle Bag is a fabulous alternative to a clutch and is perfect for housing your evening essentials. Crafted from grainy faux leather, this style is your perfect accessory dressed up or down.

Check it out in pink too in our new arrivals.

Bag Envy x



Kylie Comes Clean!

Finally, the youngest Jenner has come clean...about that bee sting pout! 

Of course we already knew her secret and not that she had to tell. But we never believed for a minute she'd used some amazing lip pencil or plumping cream. Why? Because us gals would be on it like a hot potato, and the miracle beauty product would have cleared the shelves faster than you can say Kardashian Jenner!  

To be honest, we think Kylie is beautiful and looks absolutely amazing. Everyone has their own insecurities and everyone deserves to be happy with the way they look and how they feel about themselves. If Kylie or anyone chooses to have cosmetic surgery then we shouldn't judge.

But on the other side of the coin, many of us would love these procedures but can't afford the costs. So we want to know your favourite lotions, potions and plumpers!

One of our all time favourites is the Soap & Glory XL Extreme Plump

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April 14, 2015

Apr 2015 ›   Handbags ›   Kim Kardashian ›  

Walk In Wardrobes Of The Rich And Famous

Once upon a time, you had to pick up a glossy mag to see how the other half lives! But nowadays, thanks to social media we can stalk our favourite celebs every minute of every day to see what they're wearing, eating, what beauty products they love and their latest exercise regimes! You do it too...right?....

Whether it's footballer's wives, desperate housewives or your favourite hollywood socialite, you can guarantee one thing, they've all got amazing walk in wardrobes! 

We regularly stand in front of the wardrobe doors wishing we had more space. A whole room filled with clothes, shoes and bags sounds like heaven. But these celeb walk in's are bigger than most bedrooms, we'd even be happy with Carrie Bradshaw's closet! 

Here's our favourites.

Christina Aguilera clearly loves shoes...

Gisele Bundchen walk in is so neat and tidy...

And of course the Kardashian walk in...note the Birkin bags!

Bag Envy x

March 19, 2015

Kim Kardashian ›   Mar 2015 ›  

Waist Training - Get Those Kim Curves!

Following on from our last kimmy K blog post, we thought we'd delve more into the world of the latest celeb craze - Waist training!

You've only got to look at Instagram and Twitter to see your favourite celebs indulging in workout routines, healthy eating and general #fitspo! We all dream of having that celeb body, hair or face, but the reality is that celebs have to work hard too and it's great to see them sharing these tips with us, you realise, they're human just like us! 



But what is waist training and does it actually work?

Basically, waist training is a gradual reduction in waist size gained by wearing a tight fitting corset. Back in Victorian days, ladies used to go through this ritual all day every day to gain a beautiful silhouette and it's no surprise its made a comeback, as the results are quite astonishing. 

But let's make something clear...You don't just wear a corset and hope for the best! No, this is combined with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. Also, you need to become accustomed to the corset, you're building up from a couple of hours a day to wearing it all day, this is something you have to get used to, so don't expect that hour glass figure by the end of the week!

So, is this latest fad here to stay or will it disappear as quick as the summer sun? Who knows, but what works for the Kardashian sisters, surely could work for us...

Let us know if you've tried waist training, we'd love to hear your thoughts?

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Love Team Bag Envy x

March 11, 2015

Handbags ›   Kim Kardashian ›   Mar 2015 ›   SS15 ›  

Celeb Style Crush - Kimmy K West

In the words of Rita Ora....Kim Kardashian West is 'hot right now'!

Dominating the press and social media, everyone is jumping on the Kim bandwagon, whether it's contouring, selfies, style steals or waist training! 

Honestly, we have to admit, we love everything about Kim, especially what seems to be effortless chic. Yes, we know she has a team of make-up and hair stylists, but her skin is actually glowing and her recent blonde chop makes her look much more young and youthful. This woman is definitely a style icon, why else would major fashion houses such as Balmain be as obsessed as us... 

If you love Kim as much as us, then you need to check out this style steal! 

We all know Kim is a huge fan of the faux fur and at this time of year, a faux fur gilet is perfect! Wear it over a jumper or shirt for a chic daytime look or glam it up on an evening with chunky jewellery and killer heels!



Of course, for a complete Kimmy look, finish off with the perfect arm candy, we would suggest the LYDC Embossed Logo Tote in black! A simple, but classy style and shape.


 Love the look? We have loads of Kardashian inspired handbags and accessories, check out our NEW IN section...

Bag Envy x