New year and i'm thinking new handbag!

Right, let’s be honest! Who’s handbag could do with a clear out? Who’s handbag has seen better days? And who uses the same handbag day in day out?

If your nodding your head and thinking yes to any of these questions, chances are your handbag needs a detox or you need a new one!

I'll be honest, i’m not very good at sticking to new years resolutions (as I dip another chocolate hobnob into my tea) but one thing I do know is that I keep my handbag clean and tidy, inside and out! Not only that, I change it frequently to fit my mood and style. The amount of people I have this conversation with, who say "I've had this same bag for years" or "This one goes with everything'' is all well and good but lets face it, you wouldn’t wear the same shoes everyday for months on end or years…would you? 

The beauty about a good looking handbag is it will look great with everything, so whatever wardrobe dilemma you may be having when you jump out of bed on a morning you can guarantee your handbag won't let you down in the fashion stakes.

Spring is just around the corner and here, at Bag Envy gorgeous new arrivals are arriving daily, whether you’re looking to replace your ‘old everyday faithful’ fancy something classy for work or need a new clutch for the weekend, we have everything covered whatever the occasion. Here's a few of our favourites...



Bag Envy x





p.s I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your lovely feedback and comments regarding the new site, we are really pleased with it and glad you are too.