Caring for your arm candy!

Once upon a time only designer handbags came with 'dustbags', you know...a soft fabric draw-string bag with the brand logo on?

Nowadays, most high end fashion handbags and accessories come in a branded dustbag (yes, most high quality purses come in dustbags and boxes too).

Not only does it say something about the quality of the product and we should know as being very particular about the brands we stock, it's also telling you to keep your gorgeous arm candy in there when not in use! It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they're used for, they're called dustbags for a reason. If you can manage to part with your gorgeous arm candy and I presume you would only be doing this as you have a new bag, then please store it in the proper manner. By storing it in its dustbag, without stating the obvious *cough cough* it will be free from dust, and you will protect it from stains and dirt. Be honest who has thrown an unused handbag in the bottom of their wardrobe and now its covered in shoes and boots?

So what if your bag doesn't come with a dustbag? Then do not worry, a suitable substitute is a pillow case...seriously, don't laugh, it does the job just fine! But please do not be tempted with anything plastic, this just causes other problems such as mould and damp, not good if your pride and joy is real leather and put you in the red at the it?

Every week at Envy H.Q gorgeous handbags and accessories are delivered. The first thing our dedicated team do is check every single product for any defects or missing parts such as detachable straps, charms or dustbags. The product is then packed with paper if required for holding its shape and stored in a proper fashion. When we ship our items to customers we want them to arrive in their best and immaculate one likes receiving a faulty or poor packaged product. We hope that when you're paying your hard earned cash for something that could last you a long long time, you treat it with the respect it deserves.

Something to think about? Do you store your handbags in a dustbag? Share your favourite tips with us below 

Claire x

Bag Envy