Be My Valentine <3

Love is in the air this week and we're feeling it at Bag Envy!

There are some lucky ladies out there who will be unwrapping some gorgeous gifts tomorrow from their Valentine including our heart satchels with matching purses.

Love it or hate it, February 14th is the day of love and there's no escaping it. We've really enjoyed this week, its one of the few times of the year when we are inundated with guys asking for 'bag advice' and at the same time its great to see the guys exploring other options instead of the usual roses, chocolate and underwear!

Over the last week we've posted some gorgeous valentine inspired photos on our social network sites and we thought we'd bring these all together in this blog.

Whatever you're doing, whoever you're sharing your day with, we hope you have a love filled Valentines Day!



Claire x

Bag Envy