Envy Style Inspo!

So you know we retail gorgeous handbags, shoes and accessories, but do you know we love to dish out the style advise too? 

A huge part of what we do is interacting with you, our customers! You will find us regularly tweeting, posting a Facebook pic or uploading a funny to Google! 

We love to answer any product queries you may have, in fact, you could say we get a little excited about it! We do realise that when you're buying a new clutch bag or a pair of earrings, it's sometimes hard to imagine the product in real life styled with your outfit, especially when it comes to colours and shades. So we often put things together, get out the camera and two snaps later its uploaded to our social networks as 'outfit of the day' or 'weekend glam it up'...

If you follow us socially, you've probably seen these pics! Recent uploads of items we've put together in and around the office...seriously we do work! 

We stock all these gorgeous accessories in our online boutiques, if you see something you like, give us a shout, we'll point you in the right direction. 





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Bag Envy x