Handbag Colour Crush: Cobalt Blue!

Love this time of year!

Love to hear the birds singing, waking up to glorious sunshine (ok...sometimes, weather permitting) and all the other summery things like days at the seaside, bbq's and pimms! 

It's great to see all the gorgeous summery colours too, whether you're wearing it or accessorising with it! And one of our favourites is Cobalt Blue!

Cobalt Blue is an intense, vibrant blue! A colour that demands attention and looks amazing whatever your skin tone or hair colouring. 

Check out some of our gorgeous items in Cobalt Blue starting with our V.I.P Harper bag as worn by celebrities including Michelle Keegan.


Or this stunning purse....


Cobalt killer heels...

And Cobalt accessories...


Ready to try Cobalt Blue for yourself? We've got lots more Blue things in store!


Bag Envy x