Waist Training - Get Those Kim Curves!

Following on from our last kimmy K blog post, we thought we'd delve more into the world of the latest celeb craze - Waist training!

You've only got to look at Instagram and Twitter to see your favourite celebs indulging in workout routines, healthy eating and general #fitspo! We all dream of having that celeb body, hair or face, but the reality is that celebs have to work hard too and it's great to see them sharing these tips with us, you realise, they're human just like us! 



But what is waist training and does it actually work?

Basically, waist training is a gradual reduction in waist size gained by wearing a tight fitting corset. Back in Victorian days, ladies used to go through this ritual all day every day to gain a beautiful silhouette and it's no surprise its made a comeback, as the results are quite astonishing. 

But let's make something clear...You don't just wear a corset and hope for the best! No, this is combined with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. Also, you need to become accustomed to the corset, you're building up from a couple of hours a day to wearing it all day, this is something you have to get used to, so don't expect that hour glass figure by the end of the week!

So, is this latest fad here to stay or will it disappear as quick as the summer sun? Who knows, but what works for the Kardashian sisters, surely could work for us...

Let us know if you've tried waist training, we'd love to hear your thoughts?

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