OMG! Khloe Has A Walk-In for Fitness Wear

So most of us would actually die for a walk in wardrobe, but imagine having a walk in purely for your fitness wear! Well check out Khloe Kardashian's...we are well jel!

First off, there's a whole back wall and two side panels dedicated to sneaks. And not only that, they're colour co-ordinated like a rainbow! To the left we're talking shorts and vests, to the right it's hoodies and leggings.

Now this is only one angle of the closet, Khloe also has a counter full of wrist and head bands, sports bras and other jaw dropping accessories.

Seriously though, Khloe loves her fitness and whilst this resembles an actual sports shop, we bet it all gets used. The fact that its all neatly displayed and colour co-ordinated suggests this Kardashian is a true and devoted fitspo!

Bag Envy x