Handbags You Can Actually Carry Your Shopping In!

Not impressed with the 5p carrier bag charge?....read on!

From today, shoppers all over the UK will be charged 5p for a plastic carrier bag and whether you're happy or not, the 5p charge is, what it is.

Ok, so it's not a huge amount and it is being donated to charity and good causes, but for the sake of the environment and hunting in your purse for the 5p's, we've got some amazing handbags you can actually carry your shopping in!

First up is our Crimson tote. This oversized beaut is not only stylish and incredibly spacious, but it's available in one of this seasons most wanted colours....burgundy! 

And of course we have this gorgeous arm candy in another colour...Shop the Sapphire tote here

Like something a bit more neutral? How about the Marbella bag...

Marbella Bag

And finally how about a shopper, the Versini bag in stunning monochrome black and white colour block and moc croc finish.

Versini Bag

Bag Envy x