Kardashian Jenner Bag Goals

Love em or loathe em, Kardashian Jenner girls have sure got style! Of course it helps when you've got millions in the bank, but hey, we can always take inspiration from this sassy lot and create our own individual looks.

Now Kim in our opinion is Queen Kardashian, with a whopping 100 million plus Instagram followers, she's dominating the social media storm. Now Kim's no stranger to designer garms and accessories and she loves a good handbag, I mean...who doesn't? 

Check out this leopard print beauty. Beautifully crafted with exquisite detailing including a faux fur leopard trim, padlock charm and bag tag. Apart for the fact that it's a multi opener style, it's oozing major Bag Envy...we think Kim K would love this!

LYDC Leopard Print Tote at Bag Envy

Momager Kris Kardashian might be the head of the family, but boy is she racking up the style points too! Kris always looks really sophisticated from wardrobe to accessories. Her gorgeous bag pictured below might be out of our price range, but guess what? we've got a style steal. The Stunning Chain Reaction tote has got all the glamour and sophistication you need to make you feel like you're carrying some seriously gorgeous arm candy!

Kris Jenner Bag Envy

Happy Shopping xx