Work The Micro Bag Trend Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to gorgeous handbags! You've only got to scroll through her Instagram to see arm candy galore! we're talking Hermes, Fendi to name drop a couple. It's a handbag collection that would make anyone suffer serious bag envy!

But recently, Kylie was spotted with a smaller arm candy in her grasp...a micro bag!

Kylie Jenner Micro Bag

Micro bags are incredibly versatile and the reason why they are becoming so popular is because they tick all the boxes.

Imagine this, it's Friday, you're at work but going straight out for drinks with the girls at 5pm! Who wants to be carrying a great big handbag around, filled with everything from an empty lunch box to god knows what else! If you've got kids, you'll probably find a couple of action figures in there too! But the point is, a micro bag whilst big enough to hold your daily essentials, gives you a bit more to play with than a standard clutch bag.

It really will take you from the office to the wine bar...

One of our best sellers, pictured below is the beautiful Victoria micro bag. Crafted from a gorgeous faux leather in a beautiful colour, perfect for the new season! Another plus with this style, is that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, hanging from the shoulder, this style will ooze relaxed chic and style!

Bag Envy Victoria Micro Bag


Bag Envy xx