Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Handbag Collection

OMG! As if Kylie Jenner doesn't make us green with envy as it is, but she's got a totes amazing personal handbag collection as well...*cries* And when we say handbag collection, it's draw-jopping! The whole thing must be worth a small fortune $$$

Now most of us would literally die for a walk in closet the size of Carrie's from Sex And The City, but when you have a walk-in just for bags....well, that's a whole new level of luxury.

Kylie Jenner Handbag Collection

So, they say a girl can never have too many bags? Well, Kylie certainly has enough to share with a small country. There's a good mix of colours and styles, and by the looks of it, they're all designer too, I mean how many Birkins does one gal need?

But this got us thinking, how many handbags do we actually own? If you're a bag lover, you'll probably have more than you think. It's a bit like shoes, you could never have just one pair!

Bag Envy x

May Bag Holiday 💖💖

Who's looking forward to the Bank holiday weekend? The weather is forecast to be lovely, it really lifts your mood!

Have you got any special occasions to look forward to this weekend? Maybe a Christening or wedding. We're definitely making the most of our bank holiday weekend, we're hoping we can put the winter coat away and step into some bright   Spring florals or pastel tones. If you're thinking the same, maybe your handbag could do with an upgrade, let's take a look at some of our sweet new season styles.

That special occasion, needs a little glam. And the beautiful Persia clutch bag in metallic champagne sparkle is utterly divine. It will look amazing with pastels and florals or equally sexy teamed with your favourite LBD! And at £19.99 it's a steal!

Bag Envy Persia Clutch BagWhen you really want to step up your bag game and you're looking for a show stopping style then it needs to be the Cabochon bag. It's beautifully crafted and adorned with an array of colourful multi faceted gems that sparkle and shine in the sun. Carry this on your arm and everyone is going to tell you your bag is stunning!

Currently one of our top selling handbags, you can shop all the colours in stock.

Another favourite is the very charming Arabian Nights bag. A unique design in a choice of colours, we love it's style and sophistication. Ready to take you to dinner dates, cocktails with the girls, balls, and much more!

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Kardashian Jenner Baby Boom!

Well...well...well! We all presumed it, we all knew it, and as predicted our favourite Jenner and Beau Travis have given birth to their first child, a daughter named Stormi Webster!

We have to say we're impressed by Kylie Jenner's attitude to her pregnancy. So what if we all assumed, the fact that she put the life of her unborn child before anything else, tells you she's mother material. Keeping quiet for 9 months and hiding it from the world of social media cannot have been easy for Kylie, but we admire the fact that her daughter, this precious life came first!

Congratulations Kylie and Travis, and gold bless your precious little bundle. Welcome to the world of motherhood

Bag Envy xx

Kim and Kanye Welcome Their Third Child #momofthree

So news has broke this morning that Kim Kardashian West is now a #momofthree. Revealing on her social media this morning with a simple post captioned "She's Here" (we're betting that hashtag is trending in no time)!

Of course social media has gone into melt down. Not only are we all sat patiently waiting to find out the name of the third baby West, but we're also keen to know the finer details...

Kim Kardashian Announces Birth Of Third Child

As we all know, they welcomed their third child into the world, by using a surrogate. The conspiracy theory is, Kim announced a pregnancy, Khloe has announced she's pregnant and speculation is rife that Kylie Jenner was/is pregnant. Was she the surrogate?

Well, if you were to believe everything you read on social media, then you'd think it was true. Kylie has been relatively quiet on Instagram lately, just posting the odd picture from her make-up line. And then rumours went into a frenzy when she was absent from this year's Kardashian Jenner Christmas card.

Kardashian Jenner Christmas Card 2017

To be honest, any new life is an absolute joy, and if Kylie has been the surrogate then we think that was an amazing thing to do for her sister. On the other hand, maybe Kylie just wanted a bit of time out from the spotlight, after all, she's only human like the rest of us!

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Kylie Jenner And Her 20ft Christmas Tree

If you're a Kardashian or Jenner then you have to have the best of everything...obviously! This even applies to Christmas trees, because our favourite youngest Jenner has outdone us all again with her whopping 20ft Christmas tree, that looks like it's straight out of Walt Disney world!

I mean, why go fake from Argos or buy from your local garden centre when you can have the biggest and best adorned with a snow like finish, twinkling lights and the biggest baubles you could ever imagine! And they happen to be in the 'it' colour of the moment....rose gold!

We have to say it is stunning though, who wouldn't be impressed with this beauty, if you had the room and money of course?

Bag Envy Kylie Jenner Christmas Tree

Bag Envy xx

Kim Kardashian Hair Envy

Kim K has gone and done it again! No she's not broken the internet...well not yet anyway, although she's currently causing an Instagram stir with her latest hair do.

So we're no stranger to the one length bob, nor a long one at that, But Kimmy has gone one step further and graduated it, and in all brown it's looking sleek and sexy!

Kim Kardashian Hair

The beauty of a hair style like this, is that it suits everyone, whatever your face shape or hair colour. So if it's good enough for our Kim K, then it's good enough for us and quite frankly, we love it. 

Word on the street is, it's a wig. But wig or no wig, A, she suits it. B, we'd suit it and C, it looks easy to manage, so what's not to love?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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Summer Sunnies

When the sun is shining, your must have accessory is sunglasses

Not only do sunnies look incredibly stylish, they also offer eye protection, which is a must whether you're walking the dog, driving the car or chilling on the beach.

Whatever your favourites, be it aviators, retro or oversized, sunglasses are so versatile and we've got lots of styles in stock, to suit everything from your face shape to mood!

Our personal fav's at Bag Envy have to be the oils slick lenses, followed by the mirrored lenses. And not only that, we've got sunglasses starting at just £9.99, so you can afford to keep a pair in the car and your handbag too!

Check out these best sellers...


Ashcroft Sunglasses


Casino Sunglasses

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Jenner Style Steal

We love to blog about the Kardashian Jenners because lets face it, love em' or loathe em' they are always one step ahead of the fashion game.

Kylie and Kendall in particular are seriously hot right now, on or off the catwalk and with fashion ranges, lip gloss and a whole host of other things firmly under their belts, they are definitely an inspiration to young women all over the world. 

Ok, we don't have the bank balance to match, so how can we get the look at a fraction of the cost? Well at Bag Envy our handbags and accessories are inspired by the latest catwalk trends and secondly, we're crushing on two celeb style steals, you'll want to read on..... 

First up, we're all about the arm candy and Kylie Jenner has one hell of a tote swinging in the crook of her arm. This Givenchy number is literally oozing bag envy, but if you've not got a couple of grand to spare, then check out our style steal!

The Sartorial Croc Tote Bag is crafted from beautiful material and exquisitely finished offering superior quality at a price that won't break the bank! This stunning piece is exclusive this season and it's also limited, meaning you're not gonna see every tom, dick and harry wandering about with the same swag! Shop yours for just £49.99.

Sartorial Croc Tote Bag Envy

Ok, you've got the bag of your dreams and maybe you could add some extra chic to it...How about a fluffy pom?

Ever since Kendall was seen strutting her stuff with her Fendi pom attached to her bag, the world has gone pom pom crazy! But what a gorgeous little accessory, fantastic for livening up a dull bag, or how about fastening it to a purse or clutch? Us BE girls also use our poms as keyrings, they're so fluffy and cool and make gorgeous presents.

Our style steal is our cute version in the same blue yellow colour mix, but you can also shop pom poms in loads of other colours too from £3.99.

Kendall Jenner Pom Pom

Bag Envy xx


Sunglasses And Bag Envy

We've had some really good weather days lately. The sun has been shining and we've dared to bare the arms and legs! 

But one thing's for sure, whether the sun is hot or not, is that sunglasses are an essential Summer accessory, be it driving to work, or strolling along the beach on holiday. A good pair of sunglasses, whilst looking good and stylish will also protect your eyes. 

Now when it comes to choosing sunglasses, some gals are lucky enough to carry off any style, whilst some of us swear by the same design, time after time. Take the gorgeous Kylie Jenner, she can carry off any style, from thick set black frames to delicate mirrored lenses. We love how she's incorporated the silver sunnies into her evening look. Again, going out on an evening for alfresco dining or drinking means your sunglasses should come with you too!

Kylie Jenner Sunglasses

Kylie Jenner

Whatever your taste, we've got everything from the retro cat eye to the classic aviator. 

All our sunglasses offer UV400 protection and prices start from £9.99

Shop sunglasses here

Bag Envy Sunglasses

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Work The Micro Bag Trend Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to gorgeous handbags! You've only got to scroll through her Instagram to see arm candy galore! we're talking Hermes, Fendi to name drop a couple. It's a handbag collection that would make anyone suffer serious bag envy!

But recently, Kylie was spotted with a smaller arm candy in her grasp...a micro bag!

Kylie Jenner Micro Bag

Micro bags are incredibly versatile and the reason why they are becoming so popular is because they tick all the boxes.

Imagine this, it's Friday, you're at work but going straight out for drinks with the girls at 5pm! Who wants to be carrying a great big handbag around, filled with everything from an empty lunch box to god knows what else! If you've got kids, you'll probably find a couple of action figures in there too! But the point is, a micro bag whilst big enough to hold your daily essentials, gives you a bit more to play with than a standard clutch bag.

It really will take you from the office to the wine bar...

One of our best sellers, pictured below is the beautiful Victoria micro bag. Crafted from a gorgeous faux leather in a beautiful colour, perfect for the new season! Another plus with this style, is that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, hanging from the shoulder, this style will ooze relaxed chic and style!

Bag Envy Victoria Micro Bag


Bag Envy xx