Finishing Touches - It's All In The Detail!

No matter what the special occasion, or night out on the town, us ladies love to plan our outfits....FACT!

And it's not just our outfits either! we plan every last detail including hair, make-up, spray tans and nails!

But, planning for a night out, whilst exciting, can leave us full on stressed up to the eyeballs. Why do we get ourselves like this? it's meant to be something really fab to look forward to, yet in the blink of a mascara wand, if we can't find anything to wear or our winged eyeliner isn't right, we can turn into stroppy little divas!

So let's take a step back and ease some of the drama! We've got some top tips on creating the perfect stress free look, whilst creating uber class and style!

1.  Shopping for a new outfit? Then buy ONE! not two, or a few dresses, because they were half price in the sale! Last thing you need, is all three laid out on the bed at 7.30pm with the taxi beeping outside and you're still doing eenie, meenie, miney, moe! Decide on the outfit at least the day before, and all the accessories and finishing touches must work around that!

2. Never tan in a rush! We've all done it, slapped it on with 5 minutes to spare and the playsuit you've been dying to wear now looks ridiculous teamed with patchy, flaky legs and let's not even mention the knees! In our experience, it's best to tan the night before and spend time exfoliating and moisturising the rough patches on knees, elbows and backs of the hands. 

3. Plan your hair and make-up and stick to it. Oh and don't try anything too risky, whilst in 'getting ready mode'! Remember Bridget Jones ironing her hair out on the ironing's disaster with a capital D! No, in our opinion, whether, it's an up do, curly or straight, stick to a hairstyle you've done a million times before, or at least you've practised beforehand.

When it comes to make-up, this is a tricky one. You've seen that vid on youtube, you know the one, that top beauty blogger doing her amazing winged liner and smokey eye and think to yourself...i'll do that at the weekend!'re now staring at your reflection in horror, wondering why you look like a panda. When will we ever learn? These beauty bloggers have probably recorded this vid like 20 times before they uploaded the perfect one. By all means try a new lipstick or shadow, but probably best to go with the application of what you know. 

Check out Amrezy and Hudabeauty on Instagram. Both of these gorgeous gals offer some amazing beauty and make-up tips. We guarantee you'll take inspo from their pics and vids! 

4. Acessorise...accessorise! Top tip with your accessories, is try to get them matching up as best as you can or you could end up looking like a Christmas tree. Too much can be a distraction and you want everything to compliment each other. For example if your wearing a heavy embellished dress with gems and sequins, then go for a simple, elegant clutch bag and shoes. Or if you're wearing a multi coloured floral jumpsuit, pick out a prominent colour in the garment and choose that colour in a clutch bag and shoes. Simple really, when you think about it!

Finally, let's not forget about those talons! A big NO NO is chipped nail polish girls. Don't go to all the trouble of looking reem, then spoil it with grubby nails. Book yourself in for a Shellac and Minx a couple of days before and your good to go! 

Bag Envy x