Kim and Kanye Welcome Their Third Child #momofthree

So news has broke this morning that Kim Kardashian West is now a #momofthree. Revealing on her social media this morning with a simple post captioned "She's Here" (we're betting that hashtag is trending in no time)!

Of course social media has gone into melt down. Not only are we all sat patiently waiting to find out the name of the third baby West, but we're also keen to know the finer details...

Kim Kardashian Announces Birth Of Third Child

As we all know, they welcomed their third child into the world, by using a surrogate. The conspiracy theory is, Kim announced a pregnancy, Khloe has announced she's pregnant and speculation is rife that Kylie Jenner was/is pregnant. Was she the surrogate?

Well, if you were to believe everything you read on social media, then you'd think it was true. Kylie has been relatively quiet on Instagram lately, just posting the odd picture from her make-up line. And then rumours went into a frenzy when she was absent from this year's Kardashian Jenner Christmas card.

Kardashian Jenner Christmas Card 2017

To be honest, any new life is an absolute joy, and if Kylie has been the surrogate then we think that was an amazing thing to do for her sister. On the other hand, maybe Kylie just wanted a bit of time out from the spotlight, after all, she's only human like the rest of us!

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Co-ordinating Summer Nails And Accessories! 💅🏻

It's no surprise that us ladies love beauty and accessories. From Instagram to Facebook we are inundated every day with gorgeous pics of handbags, shoes and every beauty product under the sun!

When thinking about a look you want to achieve, whether it's for a special occasion or maybe for work, it's always satisfying when everything co-ordinates beautifully. 

The stunning Flower house tote is lush! It's a handbag designed to look fresh on the crook of your arm. Team with skinny jeans, wedges and gorgeous flower inspired nails, it offers a chic weekend look perfect for lunch and cocktails!

Bag Envy Flower House Tote Bag

One colour that always lifts your mood is coral, this colour just shouts summer! It's looks fab on holiday with a tan and it looks equally nice brightening up a darker outfit. Take this look below, which is perfect for Summer days at the office. A lightweight shirt dress, teamed with a platform heel, coral nail and our gorgeous Split Decision tote bag. We definitely love this look, the pop of colour accentuated is minimal but enough to make a statement!

Bag Envy Split Decision Tote Bag

Happy Shopping xx

Kim Kardashian Hair Envy

Kim K has gone and done it again! No she's not broken the internet...well not yet anyway, although she's currently causing an Instagram stir with her latest hair do.

So we're no stranger to the one length bob, nor a long one at that, But Kimmy has gone one step further and graduated it, and in all brown it's looking sleek and sexy!

Kim Kardashian Hair

The beauty of a hair style like this, is that it suits everyone, whatever your face shape or hair colour. So if it's good enough for our Kim K, then it's good enough for us and quite frankly, we love it. 

Word on the street is, it's a wig. But wig or no wig, A, she suits it. B, we'd suit it and C, it looks easy to manage, so what's not to love?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Bag Envy x

Jenner Style Steal

We love to blog about the Kardashian Jenners because lets face it, love em' or loathe em' they are always one step ahead of the fashion game.

Kylie and Kendall in particular are seriously hot right now, on or off the catwalk and with fashion ranges, lip gloss and a whole host of other things firmly under their belts, they are definitely an inspiration to young women all over the world. 

Ok, we don't have the bank balance to match, so how can we get the look at a fraction of the cost? Well at Bag Envy our handbags and accessories are inspired by the latest catwalk trends and secondly, we're crushing on two celeb style steals, you'll want to read on..... 

First up, we're all about the arm candy and Kylie Jenner has one hell of a tote swinging in the crook of her arm. This Givenchy number is literally oozing bag envy, but if you've not got a couple of grand to spare, then check out our style steal!

The Sartorial Croc Tote Bag is crafted from beautiful material and exquisitely finished offering superior quality at a price that won't break the bank! This stunning piece is exclusive this season and it's also limited, meaning you're not gonna see every tom, dick and harry wandering about with the same swag! Shop yours for just £49.99.

Sartorial Croc Tote Bag Envy

Ok, you've got the bag of your dreams and maybe you could add some extra chic to it...How about a fluffy pom?

Ever since Kendall was seen strutting her stuff with her Fendi pom attached to her bag, the world has gone pom pom crazy! But what a gorgeous little accessory, fantastic for livening up a dull bag, or how about fastening it to a purse or clutch? Us BE girls also use our poms as keyrings, they're so fluffy and cool and make gorgeous presents.

Our style steal is our cute version in the same blue yellow colour mix, but you can also shop pom poms in loads of other colours too from £3.99.

Kendall Jenner Pom Pom

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Sunglasses And Bag Envy

We've had some really good weather days lately. The sun has been shining and we've dared to bare the arms and legs! 

But one thing's for sure, whether the sun is hot or not, is that sunglasses are an essential Summer accessory, be it driving to work, or strolling along the beach on holiday. A good pair of sunglasses, whilst looking good and stylish will also protect your eyes. 

Now when it comes to choosing sunglasses, some gals are lucky enough to carry off any style, whilst some of us swear by the same design, time after time. Take the gorgeous Kylie Jenner, she can carry off any style, from thick set black frames to delicate mirrored lenses. We love how she's incorporated the silver sunnies into her evening look. Again, going out on an evening for alfresco dining or drinking means your sunglasses should come with you too!

Kylie Jenner Sunglasses

Kylie Jenner

Whatever your taste, we've got everything from the retro cat eye to the classic aviator. 

All our sunglasses offer UV400 protection and prices start from £9.99

Shop sunglasses here

Bag Envy Sunglasses

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Amrezy Goals!

Every now and again you come across an Instagram feed and you instantly fall in love!

If you've never seen the feed of the gorgeous @Amrezy (Amra Olevic) then you are missing out on some serious style and make-up inspo! We've been following her for some time now and her style is truly amazing!

Amrezy has rocked up a whopping 4.3 Million followers (to date) and is loved from all corners of the globe. In particular her make-up looks are seriously hot, incorporating her own brand of Lipland liquid lipsticks, which are stunning colours. 

Amra Instagram

And don't get us started on the gorgeous body-con dresses, handbags and shoe looks that will leave you feeling everything envy!

One of the things we love about Amrezy, is that she's not afraid to experiment with colour, be it beauty or fashion and trust us this lady suits every colour of the rainbow!

Amrezy Instagram

Bag Envy x

February 10, 2016

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Khloe Kardashian Is Rocking The Bob Haircut

What's not to love about the Bob haircut. This chic style has been around for decades and never goes out of fashion. It seems to be one of those styles that has so many variations and textures and suits every single face shape.

But have you noticed it's really made a comeback for 2016. Our favourite celebs from Jlo to Kristen Stewart to Frankie Bridge from the Saturday's have all embraced this look, be it sleek and angular or relaxed and wavy.

And let's not forget you can go centre parting, full on fringe or side bangs! There is not right or wrong to the Bob, you can also have it whichever colour you like!

Our favourite Bob girl of the minute has to be Khloe Kardashian. Khloe is not afraid to experiment with hers either. Going from sleek and shiny to tousled, we can't decide which look we love best.

One things for sure..we're thinking about heading off to the salon!

Khloe Kardashian Bob

Bag Envy xx


Finishing Touches - It's All In The Detail!

No matter what the special occasion, or night out on the town, us ladies love to plan our outfits....FACT!

And it's not just our outfits either! we plan every last detail including hair, make-up, spray tans and nails!

But, planning for a night out, whilst exciting, can leave us full on stressed up to the eyeballs. Why do we get ourselves like this? it's meant to be something really fab to look forward to, yet in the blink of a mascara wand, if we can't find anything to wear or our winged eyeliner isn't right, we can turn into stroppy little divas!

So let's take a step back and ease some of the drama! We've got some top tips on creating the perfect stress free look, whilst creating uber class and style!

1.  Shopping for a new outfit? Then buy ONE! not two, or a few dresses, because they were half price in the sale! Last thing you need, is all three laid out on the bed at 7.30pm with the taxi beeping outside and you're still doing eenie, meenie, miney, moe! Decide on the outfit at least the day before, and all the accessories and finishing touches must work around that!

2. Never tan in a rush! We've all done it, slapped it on with 5 minutes to spare and the playsuit you've been dying to wear now looks ridiculous teamed with patchy, flaky legs and let's not even mention the knees! In our experience, it's best to tan the night before and spend time exfoliating and moisturising the rough patches on knees, elbows and backs of the hands. 

3. Plan your hair and make-up and stick to it. Oh and don't try anything too risky, whilst in 'getting ready mode'! Remember Bridget Jones ironing her hair out on the ironing's disaster with a capital D! No, in our opinion, whether, it's an up do, curly or straight, stick to a hairstyle you've done a million times before, or at least you've practised beforehand.

When it comes to make-up, this is a tricky one. You've seen that vid on youtube, you know the one, that top beauty blogger doing her amazing winged liner and smokey eye and think to yourself...i'll do that at the weekend!'re now staring at your reflection in horror, wondering why you look like a panda. When will we ever learn? These beauty bloggers have probably recorded this vid like 20 times before they uploaded the perfect one. By all means try a new lipstick or shadow, but probably best to go with the application of what you know. 

Check out Amrezy and Hudabeauty on Instagram. Both of these gorgeous gals offer some amazing beauty and make-up tips. We guarantee you'll take inspo from their pics and vids! 

4. Acessorise...accessorise! Top tip with your accessories, is try to get them matching up as best as you can or you could end up looking like a Christmas tree. Too much can be a distraction and you want everything to compliment each other. For example if your wearing a heavy embellished dress with gems and sequins, then go for a simple, elegant clutch bag and shoes. Or if you're wearing a multi coloured floral jumpsuit, pick out a prominent colour in the garment and choose that colour in a clutch bag and shoes. Simple really, when you think about it!

Finally, let's not forget about those talons! A big NO NO is chipped nail polish girls. Don't go to all the trouble of looking reem, then spoil it with grubby nails. Book yourself in for a Shellac and Minx a couple of days before and your good to go! 

Bag Envy x

Kylie Comes Clean!

Finally, the youngest Jenner has come clean...about that bee sting pout! 

Of course we already knew her secret and not that she had to tell. But we never believed for a minute she'd used some amazing lip pencil or plumping cream. Why? Because us gals would be on it like a hot potato, and the miracle beauty product would have cleared the shelves faster than you can say Kardashian Jenner!  

To be honest, we think Kylie is beautiful and looks absolutely amazing. Everyone has their own insecurities and everyone deserves to be happy with the way they look and how they feel about themselves. If Kylie or anyone chooses to have cosmetic surgery then we shouldn't judge.

But on the other side of the coin, many of us would love these procedures but can't afford the costs. So we want to know your favourite lotions, potions and plumpers!

One of our all time favourites is the Soap & Glory XL Extreme Plump

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