Look Cosy And Stylish This Bonfire Night!

Bonfire night is literally upon us this week and no doubt you're heading off to a local event or enjoying some fireworks at home with family and friends. Whatever you're doing, one things for sure, you'll need to wrap up cosy and warm.

So while you're tucking into your pie n peas or nibbling on the parkin, we've got some amazing faux fur pieces that will keep the chill at bay...

Us Bag Envy girls are a huge fan of the faux fur wristlet cuffs, a super alternative to gloves. So easy to wear and will fit perfectly over your favourite woolly jumper or outerwear. We've got an array of colours to choose from too.

One of the key season faux fur trends this season is the collar! You can find lots of outwear styles with the fur attached but we think the seperate piece is extremely versatile. Ours come with a hidden clip which allows you to fix the collar together or attach it to your coat and jacket. 

An amazing bonus of our faux fur pieces is that they're made from exceptional quality faux fur, but they are actually machine washable too. After washing, leave to dry naturally and fluff up with a cool blast of the hairdryer. So you've not need to worry that your gorgeous accessories are tarnished with bonfire night fumes!

Bag Envy x