Kylie Jenner Giving Us Shoe Envy!

She's loved by her fans all over the world for her amazing wardrobe, style and beauty regime, yet the youngest Kardashian has something all women would enviable shoe closet that's giving us down right shoe envy!

At the tender age of just 18 and after moving into her $2.7 million dollar Calabasas mansion, Kylie has a walk in wardrobe shoe collection literally out of this world. 

Most of us dream of having a walk in, let alone one specifically for shoes. Oh and we're not talking high street footwear either here, this lucky gal has designer labels on every shelf, floor to ceiling!

But this got team B.E thinking, how many of you could actually fill this closet with your shoes? We bet, if like us, you've probably got tons of pairs crammed into the wardrobe, or do you store yours neatly in their original boxes? One of our gals even had shoes and boots stored in two bin liners in the loft and forgot about them until 2 years later...

Kylie Jenner Shoes

Bag Envy x