Beat The Christmas Hangovers

So the Christmas festivities have already started and there's only word to describe it: indulgence!

A total overload of food and cocktails and let's not forget Prosecco o'clock at every opportunity, usually a glass but always ends up a bottle. If like us, hangovers seem to last forever and a day and we literally mean this, we need to have quick recoveries, because let's face it, Christmas is one long eat and drink....right?

So, after discussing with the B.E team on our favourite hangover cures, we rustled up our top 10. None of which will come as any surprise, especially the last one, but hey we go! 

Hangover cure

1. The best cure for prevention of a hangover is tea and toast. Yep that's right, tea and toast! If you're still standing and not completely legless, just before bed, whack in 2 of your favourite slices and bang the kettle on! I'm not kidding this actually works and is my top tip! I've done this for years and in the  morning when I wake up, i'm hangover free! My guess is, it's the bread soaking up the juice!

2. You wont be surprised to hear that the good old fry up is next on the list. Now, if you can actually bring yourself to smell the bacon, let alone eat it, I'm on good authority it actually kicks the old banging head into touch!

3. Copious amounts of water, 2 aspirin and a strong coffee. Not exactly rocket science, but if this tip doesn't work i'd resort to No2 straight after.

4. Bananas! No we actually mean bananas. Supposedly full of great goodness that will banish the dull ache.

5. Exercise is next on the list, can you believe it! Our Director loves nothing better than an hour of high impact exercise and apparently it works. Crikey, the mere thought of putting on the lycra when i'm still wearing last nights make-up is seriously too much. But look whatever works from some, ain't always gonna work for another.

6. The biggest bowl of pasta you can stomach before the night out! Ok, we all know about lining your stomach but it won't do us ladies any good in the skin tight LBD will it? 

7. As if someone suggested avoid mixing!'s Christmas of course we're gonna mix! In fact we'll probably mix everything from an Advocate Snowball to Jagermeister with Prosecco in between. Because that's the law at Christmas.

8. Stay in and don't go out. Enough said!

9. Hot shower and a good sleep?

10. Hair of the dog! For all those christmas Party goers who can manage another vino the next day, this old tip, as old as age is the ultimate hangover cure!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bag Envy Claire x