Who Is Up Close And Stylish?

If you've never seen @upcloseandstylish on Instagram, believe us you need to follow this account!

If anything, the shoes and arm candy are literally to die for, we're talking pic after pic of designer names including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci to name a few, but wait till you see the enormous collection of Louboutins, this is one lucky gal!

Louboutin Shoes

But that's the mystery everyone wants to know, who is Up Close and Stylish?

Every picture is perfectly poised and placed in such a way, that we never see her face! To be honest, it adds even more to the appeal of the account, in that it keeps you intrigued and wanting to see more, waiting for the next image of drop dead shoe or bag envy. And then, there's little Miss Sunshine, her daughter who features occasionally on the feed. And yes, you've guessed it, we never see her face either.

Louboutin Boots

With an impressive 1.6 million followers (to date) This mystery fashion lover is giving out glam and gorgeous inspiration all over the world. 

Up Close and Stylish

Bag Envy x