North West Giving Us Bag Envy!

When you're the child of an international celebrity and rap star, life is bound to be different and so is everything that comes with it!

Most kids at the tender age of 3 have never even heard of Gucci and Prada, let alone wore it. But little North West was recently spotted out and about with Mum Kim Kardashian carrying this little Fendi number on her arm and apparently it's price tag, was a whopping 2K! 

North West

So, most bag lovers will tell you the bag addiction starts at an early age. Little girl's sneaking into their mothers wardrobe and cupboards for her handbag and shoes...

Our guess is, North spotted this bag in her Mummy's closet and thought i'll have that, Kim probably never even noticed it missing amongst her amazing bag collection. If like the rest of us at toddler age, she probably filled it with a hairbrush, some bobbles and a tiny doll, along with the sweets and lollipops. 

But we have to say, North is one cool kid...

Bag Envy x