Victoria Beckham Sunglasses Style!

Victoria Beckham has incredible style....FACT! She is rarely seen in public looking anything but impeccable whether she's posting a holiday pic on her Instagram or spotted at New York Fashion Week showing off her latest collection.

But one accessory that Vicky B is rarely seen without, is a pair of sunglasses!

So we all know the benefits of wearing sunglasses, especially in Summer. Looking after our eyes is important in the hot sunshine and then there's the crows feet. If wearing sunglasses helps towards keeping the wrinkles at bay, then we're wearing them all year round! But seriously, looking after that delicate area of our face is essential and we can't knock Vicky for wearing them.

Victoria Beckham Sunglasses

We want sunglasses to offer two things, style and protection!

All our sunglasses at Bag Envy offer UV400 protection. All our sunglasses are incredibly stylish and comfy. We've got everything from aviators to oversized and sporty to chic.

And while we mentioned the hot weather, sunnies can look the part all year round. Keep a pair in the car for when you're driving or slip on a pair when walking the dog. 

Bag Envy x