Up Close And Stylish....AGAIN!

This is not the first time we've blogged about 'Up Close and Stylish'! But quite frankly, her Instagram feed is that lush, we actually wish it was ours.

This mysterious fashion icon is currently sitting with 1.8 million followers and posting out daily pics of handbags, shoes and accessories, that are literally to die for!

Up Close and Stylish has one of those Instagram feeds where every single picture is just amazing. Yes, she has amazing shoes and arm candy, and she styles them perfectly, incorporating designer brands including Christian Louboutin and Hermes with high street brands such as Zara. But the quality of her pictures are just fab too, with the majority taken by herself using an iPhone!

We seriously need to step up our selfie game....

Instagram Up Close and Stylish

Not heard of her? Not seen her?

Head over to Insta now and check out @upcloseandstylish. We guarantee you'll be hooked!

Bag Envy x