Jenner Style Steal

We love to blog about the Kardashian Jenners because lets face it, love em' or loathe em' they are always one step ahead of the fashion game.

Kylie and Kendall in particular are seriously hot right now, on or off the catwalk and with fashion ranges, lip gloss and a whole host of other things firmly under their belts, they are definitely an inspiration to young women all over the world. 

Ok, we don't have the bank balance to match, so how can we get the look at a fraction of the cost? Well at Bag Envy our handbags and accessories are inspired by the latest catwalk trends and secondly, we're crushing on two celeb style steals, you'll want to read on..... 

First up, we're all about the arm candy and Kylie Jenner has one hell of a tote swinging in the crook of her arm. This Givenchy number is literally oozing bag envy, but if you've not got a couple of grand to spare, then check out our style steal!

The Sartorial Croc Tote Bag is crafted from beautiful material and exquisitely finished offering superior quality at a price that won't break the bank! This stunning piece is exclusive this season and it's also limited, meaning you're not gonna see every tom, dick and harry wandering about with the same swag! Shop yours for just £49.99.

Sartorial Croc Tote Bag Envy

Ok, you've got the bag of your dreams and maybe you could add some extra chic to it...How about a fluffy pom?

Ever since Kendall was seen strutting her stuff with her Fendi pom attached to her bag, the world has gone pom pom crazy! But what a gorgeous little accessory, fantastic for livening up a dull bag, or how about fastening it to a purse or clutch? Us BE girls also use our poms as keyrings, they're so fluffy and cool and make gorgeous presents.

Our style steal is our cute version in the same blue yellow colour mix, but you can also shop pom poms in loads of other colours too from £3.99.

Kendall Jenner Pom Pom

Bag Envy xx