Amrezy Goals!

Every now and again you come across an Instagram feed and you instantly fall in love!

If you've never seen the feed of the gorgeous @Amrezy (Amra Olevic) then you are missing out on some serious style and make-up inspo! We've been following her for some time now and her style is truly amazing!

Amrezy has rocked up a whopping 4.3 Million followers (to date) and is loved from all corners of the globe. In particular her make-up looks are seriously hot, incorporating her own brand of Lipland liquid lipsticks, which are stunning colours. 

Amra Instagram

And don't get us started on the gorgeous body-con dresses, handbags and shoe looks that will leave you feeling everything envy!

One of the things we love about Amrezy, is that she's not afraid to experiment with colour, be it beauty or fashion and trust us this lady suits every colour of the rainbow!

Amrezy Instagram

Bag Envy x