Sunglasses And Bag Envy

We've had some really good weather days lately. The sun has been shining and we've dared to bare the arms and legs! 

But one thing's for sure, whether the sun is hot or not, is that sunglasses are an essential Summer accessory, be it driving to work, or strolling along the beach on holiday. A good pair of sunglasses, whilst looking good and stylish will also protect your eyes. 

Now when it comes to choosing sunglasses, some gals are lucky enough to carry off any style, whilst some of us swear by the same design, time after time. Take the gorgeous Kylie Jenner, she can carry off any style, from thick set black frames to delicate mirrored lenses. We love how she's incorporated the silver sunnies into her evening look. Again, going out on an evening for alfresco dining or drinking means your sunglasses should come with you too!

Kylie Jenner Sunglasses

Kylie Jenner

Whatever your taste, we've got everything from the retro cat eye to the classic aviator. 

All our sunglasses offer UV400 protection and prices start from £9.99

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