Kim Kardashian Hair Envy

Kim K has gone and done it again! No she's not broken the internet...well not yet anyway, although she's currently causing an Instagram stir with her latest hair do.

So we're no stranger to the one length bob, nor a long one at that, But Kimmy has gone one step further and graduated it, and in all brown it's looking sleek and sexy!

Kim Kardashian Hair

The beauty of a hair style like this, is that it suits everyone, whatever your face shape or hair colour. So if it's good enough for our Kim K, then it's good enough for us and quite frankly, we love it. 

Word on the street is, it's a wig. But wig or no wig, A, she suits it. B, we'd suit it and C, it looks easy to manage, so what's not to love?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Bag Envy x