Bag Those Dani and Kendall Love Island Sunnies! 😎☀️

Love Island is the talk of social media at the moment and it's not hard to see why! Even if you're not a fan of the show, you may be checking out the outfits and swimwear for a little inspiration for your own get away this Summer.

Now we have to admit, two of our favourite girls are Dani and Kendall. We love their down to earth, honest personality and both are so sweet. We're also loving all the girls day to night looks. The poolside vibe is lifted to a new level on Love Island with killer wedges and gorgeous swimsuits, we're talking glam hot!

And speaking of hot, when the temperatures up and the sun is shining, every gal needs a pair of decent sunglasses. And when we say decent, we mean a pair that not only looks good, but more importantly offers UV protection to keep those eyes protected. And a top tip, go for a large frame and lens, to keep those crows feet at bay! 

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Kendall Love Island

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Victoria Beckham Sunglasses Style!

Victoria Beckham has incredible style....FACT! She is rarely seen in public looking anything but impeccable whether she's posting a holiday pic on her Instagram or spotted at New York Fashion Week showing off her latest collection.

But one accessory that Vicky B is rarely seen without, is a pair of sunglasses!

So we all know the benefits of wearing sunglasses, especially in Summer. Looking after our eyes is important in the hot sunshine and then there's the crows feet. If wearing sunglasses helps towards keeping the wrinkles at bay, then we're wearing them all year round! But seriously, looking after that delicate area of our face is essential and we can't knock Vicky for wearing them.

Victoria Beckham Sunglasses

We want sunglasses to offer two things, style and protection!

All our sunglasses at Bag Envy offer UV400 protection. All our sunglasses are incredibly stylish and comfy. We've got everything from aviators to oversized and sporty to chic.

And while we mentioned the hot weather, sunnies can look the part all year round. Keep a pair in the car for when you're driving or slip on a pair when walking the dog. 

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Summer Sunnies

When the sun is shining, your must have accessory is sunglasses

Not only do sunnies look incredibly stylish, they also offer eye protection, which is a must whether you're walking the dog, driving the car or chilling on the beach.

Whatever your favourites, be it aviators, retro or oversized, sunglasses are so versatile and we've got lots of styles in stock, to suit everything from your face shape to mood!

Our personal fav's at Bag Envy have to be the oils slick lenses, followed by the mirrored lenses. And not only that, we've got sunglasses starting at just £9.99, so you can afford to keep a pair in the car and your handbag too!

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Sunglasses And Bag Envy

We've had some really good weather days lately. The sun has been shining and we've dared to bare the arms and legs! 

But one thing's for sure, whether the sun is hot or not, is that sunglasses are an essential Summer accessory, be it driving to work, or strolling along the beach on holiday. A good pair of sunglasses, whilst looking good and stylish will also protect your eyes. 

Now when it comes to choosing sunglasses, some gals are lucky enough to carry off any style, whilst some of us swear by the same design, time after time. Take the gorgeous Kylie Jenner, she can carry off any style, from thick set black frames to delicate mirrored lenses. We love how she's incorporated the silver sunnies into her evening look. Again, going out on an evening for alfresco dining or drinking means your sunglasses should come with you too!

Kylie Jenner Sunglasses

Kylie Jenner

Whatever your taste, we've got everything from the retro cat eye to the classic aviator. 

All our sunglasses offer UV400 protection and prices start from £9.99

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